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JavaScript Developer Salary in the United States 🇺🇸

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The median JavaScript developer salary in the United States is $109,921 per year or $56 per hour in 2022. The median salary is influenced by many factors. Location and years of work experience are two important factors. For example, if you live in a expensive city, you will likely earn a higher salary than someone who lives in a less expensive city. Additionally, the more years of work experience you have, the more money you are likely to make.

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How much does a JavaScript developer make in the United States?

$109,921 / Annual

Based on 8605 salaries

The data come from StackOverflow's annual developer surveys, and can you can find them on this link -

Map of JavaScript Developer Salary by State

Developers can expect much higher salaries in Washington, California, New York.

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While in Washington, developers can expect $157,031 per year, in South Dakota, it's just $73,595 per year.

3 States with the Highest JavaScript Developer Median Salary, August 2022:

  1. Washington - $157,031
  2. California - $146,563
  3. New York - $135,570

3 States with the Lowest JavaScript Developer Median Salary, August 2022:

  1. South Dakota - $73,595
  2. Louisiana - $87,588
  3. Kansas - $87,938

For the complete table with sortable options, please check out the table of the available states below. Feel free to reach out if you don't see your state on the table or the data is unavailable on the map.

List of JavaScript Developer Salary by State

Salary Difference 
Based on 
1Washington$157,03143% 517 Salaries
2California$146,56333% 932 Salaries
3New York$135,57023% 530 Salaries
4Massachusetts$130,85919% 298 Salaries
5New Hampshire$125,88715% 47 Salaries
6New Jersey$125,62514% 181 Salaries
7Colorado$122,48411% 351 Salaries
8Nevada$121,04510% 40 Salaries
9Oregon$119,8679% 220 Salaries
10Maryland$119,8679% 192 Salaries
11Virginia$116,7276% 264 Salaries
12Arizona$116,2036% 151 Salaries
13Utah$115,1565% 314 Salaries
14Minnesota$115,1565% 240 Salaries
15Illinois$115,1565% 345 Salaries
16District of Columbia$114,3154% 51 Salaries
17Wisconsin$114,1094% 216 Salaries
18Texas$113,5863% 571 Salaries
19Kentucky$112,5392% 76 Salaries
20Georgia$112,5392% 228 Salaries
21North Carolina$109,922-252 Salaries
22Florida$109,922-376 Salaries
23Maine$107,004-3% 34 Salaries
24Alabama$105,734-4% 70 Salaries
25Michigan$105,211-4% 272 Salaries
26South Carolina$104,688-5% 95 Salaries
27Pennsylvania$104,688-5% 312 Salaries
28Indiana$104,688-5% 145 Salaries
29Idaho$104,688-5% 82 Salaries
30Arkansas$104,688-5% 64 Salaries
31Tennessee$103,222-6% 140 Salaries
32Nebraska$102,594-7% 64 Salaries
33Iowa$102,594-7% 97 Salaries
34Vermont$99,741-9% 45 Salaries
35New Mexico$98,143-11% 38 Salaries
36Connecticut$96,313-12% 66 Salaries
37Ohio$96,197-12% 316 Salaries
38Missouri$92,910-15% 167 Salaries
39Oklahoma$88,984-19% 66 Salaries
40Kansas$87,938-20% 70 Salaries
41Louisiana$87,588-20% 42 Salaries
42South Dakota$73,595-33% 28 Salaries

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JavaScript Developer Salary by Years of Professional Experience

Making money as a JavaScript developer is often based on how long you have been working as a developer. People who have been working as developers for a while usually make more money than people who are just starting out.

Chart explanation: The X-axis shows years of professional coding experience. A newbie is a developer who just got into the industry or someone with less than one year of experience.

JavaScript Developer Salary by Size of Company

Chart explanation: The X-axis shows the company size in terms of the number of employees. A freelancer does not necessarily represent a company; it may also be a sole proprietor or contractor.


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