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Developer Salary is a project built by an ex-startup software developer. The main objective is to bring transparency to software developer salaries and make the data accessible. Every software developer should know whether their salary is decent enough given their location, years of experience, and technology.

How do I know that the data is reliable?

The data come from the annual StackOverflow survey with tens of thousands of anonymized salary records. The dataset is big enough for most technologies and locations to be considered very reliable. Keep in mind that with a lower number of salaries, the confidence of the estimate goes down.

On top of the data from a trustworthy source, we consider the outliers and check various sources that report the regional/state difference.

Despite all this, please keep in mind that all data displayed on Developer Salary is an estimate. We cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy or validity of all data we display on this website.

What's the roadmap?

The initial phase of building an MVP is almost done, and only a few minor features are missing.

Initial phase - MVP:

  • ✅ Use reliable data to list salaries for various regions and countries (we're working on adding more countries in the Salaries section)
  • ✅ Search salaries, rankings, etc.
  • Compare technologies/countries

Second phase:

  • Collect more salary data from software developers
  • Show historical data and potentially an estimate for the near future
  • Provide a detailed breakdown of technologies (not only from the salary standpoint)
  • Help software devs negotiate higher salaries

We want to gradually get to the point where software devs can sign in, submit the offer they've got from a company and other variables, and give them a range they should aim for and guidelines on negotiating the higher end if they can.


  • Company: MILOMEDIA OÜ
  • Address: Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia
  • Registry code: 14930990
  • VAT: EE102252578

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