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Laravel Developer Salary by Country in Europe

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This article visualizes the median Laravel developer salary on a map of Europe and in the table as a list. The median salary is a metric that identifies the country's midpoint of available salaries. Not to be confused with average or mean metrics, the median is better suited to eliminate extreme outliers from a statistic which could cripple its accuracy.

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As of 2022, the estimated median Laravel developer salary of countries in Europe is $33,829 per year or $17 per hour. If you're looking for a breakdown of Laravel salaries for individual country, check out the salaries.

How much does a Laravel developer make in Europe?

$33,829 / Annual

Based on 1840 salaries

The data come from StackOverflow's annual developer surveys, and can you can find them on this link -

Map of Countries in Europe by Laravel Developer Median Salary

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5 Countries in Europe with the Highest Laravel Developer Median Salary, August 2022:

  1. Switzerland - $86,402
  2. Norway - $72,548
  3. Denmark - $62,808
  4. Finland - $59,454
  5. United Kingdom - $56,538

5 Countries in Europe with the Lowest Laravel Developer Median Salary, August 2022:

  1. Albania - $13,290
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina - $19,872
  3. Portugal - $19,988
  4. Russia - $22,752
  5. Hungary - $25,349

For the complete table with sortable options, please check out the table of the available countries below. Feel free to reach out if you don't see your country on the table or the data is unavailable on the map.

List of Countries in Europe by Laravel Developer Median Salary

Salary Based on 
1Flag of Switzerland Switzerland$86,40228 Salaries
2Flag of Norway Norway$72,54814 Salaries
3Flag of Denmark Denmark$62,80824 Salaries
4Flag of Finland Finland$59,45419 Salaries
5Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom$56,538254 Salaries
6Flag of Germany Germany$56,211234 Salaries
7Flag of Sweden Sweden$49,53642 Salaries
8Flag of Belgium Belgium$46,06851 Salaries
9Flag of Austria Austria$46,06845 Salaries
10Flag of Netherlands Netherlands$44,014134 Salaries
11Flag of France France$43,239137 Salaries
12Flag of Slovakia Slovakia$36,08426 Salaries
13Flag of Slovenia Slovenia$35,74236 Salaries
14Flag of Romania Romania$35,02841 Salaries
15Flag of Spain Spain$34,358126 Salaries
16Flag of Poland Poland$33,30080 Salaries
17Flag of Italy Italy$31,993137 Salaries
18Flag of Lithuania Lithuania$31,12817 Salaries
19Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic$30,51036 Salaries
20Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria$28,89621 Salaries
21Flag of Ukraine Ukraine$28,20030 Salaries
22Flag of Serbia Serbia$26,83838 Salaries
23Flag of Greece Greece$25,77042 Salaries
24Flag of Hungary Hungary$25,34940 Salaries
25Flag of Russia Russia$22,75258 Salaries
26Flag of Portugal Portugal$19,98836 Salaries
27Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$19,87214 Salaries
28Flag of Albania Albania$13,29012 Salaries

If you want to become a Laravel developer, keep in mind that the current median salary shouldn't be the main reason for your decision to learn the language or a specific technology. More years of experience and certain regions or cities within the country can also increase the median salary.

Breakdown of Laravel Developer Salary in other Regions

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