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React Developer Salary by Country in Asia

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This article visualizes the median React developer salary on a map of Asia and in the table as a list. The median salary is a metric that identifies the country's midpoint of available salaries. Not to be confused with average or mean metrics, the median is better suited to eliminate extreme outliers from a statistic which could cripple its accuracy.

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As of 2022, the estimated median React developer salary of countries in Asia is $24,503 per year or $13 per hour. If you're looking for a breakdown of React salaries for individual country, check out the salaries.

How much does a React developer make in Asia?

$24,503 / Annual

Based on 4414 salaries

The data come from StackOverflow's annual developer surveys, and can you can find them on this link -

Map of Countries in Asia by React Developer Median Salary

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The presentation of this map does not imply expression of any political affiliation or opinion! To display geographic boundaries, we use the most recent data from NaturalEarth.

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10 Countries in Asia with the Highest React Developer Median Salary, August 2022:

  1. Israel - $105,072
  2. Singapore - $64,548
  3. Japan - $58,634
  4. Hong Kong - $54,804
  5. Cyprus - $38,388
  6. United Arab Emirates - $35,945
  7. Taiwan - $34,646
  8. China - $34,296
  9. Armenia - $34,236
  10. Thailand - $34,068

10 Countries in Asia with the Lowest React Developer Median Salary, August 2022:

  1. Myanmar - $6,564
  2. Nepal - $7,644
  3. Pakistan - $7,794
  4. Indonesia - $8,196
  5. Bangladesh - $8,328
  6. Sri Lanka - $9,402
  7. Viet Nam - $10,344
  8. Lebanon - $12,300
  9. Uzbekistan - $12,300
  10. Philippines - $13,776

For the complete table with sortable options, please check out the table of the available countries below. Feel free to reach out if you don't see your country on the table or the data is unavailable on the map.

List of Countries in Asia by React Developer Median Salary

Salary Based on 
1Flag of Israel Israel$105,072212 Salaries
2Flag of Singapore Singapore$64,54875 Salaries
3Flag of Japan Japan$58,634116 Salaries
4Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong$54,80470 Salaries
5Flag of Cyprus Cyprus$38,38819 Salaries
6Flag of United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates$35,94542 Salaries
7Flag of Taiwan Taiwan$34,64654 Salaries
8Flag of China China$34,29689 Salaries
9Flag of Armenia Armenia$34,23627 Salaries
10Flag of Thailand Thailand$34,06857 Salaries
11Flag of Jordan Jordan$33,85213 Salaries
12Flag of South Korea South Korea$33,63860 Salaries
13Flag of North Korea North Korea$31,30011 Salaries
14Flag of Iran Iran$28,500166 Salaries
15Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan$26,71016 Salaries
16Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$22,29617 Salaries
17Flag of Turkey Turkey$19,728316 Salaries
18Flag of Georgia Georgia$16,48834 Salaries
19Flag of Malaysia Malaysia$16,40467 Salaries
20Flag of India India$15,3581920 Salaries
21Flag of Philippines Philippines$13,77698 Salaries
22Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan$12,30014 Salaries
23Flag of Lebanon Lebanon$12,30016 Salaries
24Flag of Viet Nam Viet Nam$10,34485 Salaries
25Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka$9,402120 Salaries
26Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh$8,328178 Salaries
27Flag of Indonesia Indonesia$8,196117 Salaries
28Flag of Pakistan Pakistan$7,794242 Salaries
29Flag of Nepal Nepal$7,64476 Salaries
30Flag of Myanmar Myanmar$6,56412 Salaries

If you want to become a React developer, keep in mind that the current median salary shouldn't be the main reason for your decision to learn the language or a specific technology. More years of experience and certain regions or cities within the country can also increase the median salary.

Breakdown of React Developer Salary in other Regions

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